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About us

Our team of seasoned experts combine the objective and analytical views of the actuary with the practical mindset of the administrator.

Launched in September 2001, in the middle of the insurance crisis spurred by the events of September 11th, NCA Partners is an actuarial consulting and brokerage firm, specializing in damage insurance.

Our Team

Bringing together brokers and risk-management experts, as well as experienced actuaries, our team’s wide range of talents allows us to suggest reliable and practical actuarial recommendations, and to offer businesses and individuals a consultative approach to brokerage.

Our Mission

We specialize in the development of long-term, savings-generating insurance solutions.

Our Philosophy

We live in a time of fast decision-making, rapid technology advances and instant communications. We take care of risk (Nobis Cura Aleastm) by always challenging the Status Quo.

Ownership and Independence

Our business is owned solely by the team members, and is entirely independent of other insurers, groups or financial institutions.

- Martin Cauchon, President and Founder

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