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Actuarial Consulting

Pricing Study

When actuarial science becomes an art…

Our expertise is especially well-suited to pricing analysis of non-traditional products, of new concepts, or when there is no reliable statistical history.

Some of our achievements:

• Identification of risk factors and premium modeling for a professional liability insurance fund;
• Retrospective pricing formulas;
• Retrospective pricing formula created according to a vast statistical database;
• Determining adequate and competitive pricing for the launch of a new product;
• Expert opinion on the fiscal impacts of insurance expenditures;
• Impact of a change in legislation on cost of risk;
• Fair transfer price study for the repatriation of excise taxes for non-admitted insurance.

''Although few statistics were available, the pricing experts of NCA used the collective knowledge of international business experts in order to infer assumptions that enabled us to launch MyLegalSOStm, our international assistance service to travelers.''
- Tony Merchant, Chairman, Merchant World Services

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