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Reinsurance Agreement

Reinsurance and excess insurance agreements are transactions that take place between specialists. They employ relatively complex financial, fiscal and legal notions. Our deep knowledge of the inner workings of the insurance business and of its key players, both at a micro- and macroeconomic level, allows us to create well-structured, long-lasting and mutually-satisfying agreements.

We have developed a first-rate expertise in specialized risk reinsurance. Whether in a risk transfer, financing, or fronting arrangement, our knowledge contributes to the conclusion of a favorable agreement.

Here are some of our achievements:

• Conclusion of a fronting agreement between a European insurer and a Canadian partner, which allowed the distribution of a specialized program in Canada;
• Implementation of an optional excess insurance program for the members of a professional liability insurance fund;
• Creation and implementation of reinsurance programs for environmental risks, put into place within an insurance captive.

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