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Actuarial Consulting

Reserves Evaluation

The concrete expertise of the risk manager in the evaluation of specialized or non-traditional risk

We take on the role of Appointed actuaryfor many traditional and non-traditional insurers, including a number of insurance funds.

Our clientele includes quasi-insurers, reciprocals, insurance captives and guarantee plans, based in Canada, in the Caribbean, and abroad.

According to the mandate, our services include the following tasks:

• Evaluation of policy liabilities and certification of actuarial reserves;
• Dynamic study of capital testing;
• Study of the adequacy of premiums;
• Analysis and recommendations on the reinsurance program;
• Revision and endorsement of business plans for the renewal of permits;
• Peer-review (OSFI E-15 Guideline)
• Review of the work executed by the appointed actuary for the auditors (Guidance Note NOV43).

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