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Risk Management

Commercial Brokerage

Our consultative approach to brokerage is different from a traditional approach. In our work, diverse alternatives are evaluated, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in order to identify the solution that best meets your needs.

In addition to our complete independence towards insurers, we have prioritized a transparent remuneration system, closely aligned with your interests.

Our brokerage services integrate perfectly with the goals of organizations in the following situations:

• Risks that are difficult to insure in traditional markets;
• Financial risks and Surety bonds;
• Excess insurance for self-insurance;
• Reinsurance captives, reciprocals and other specialty insurance vehicles
• Special risks: warranties, residual values, etcetera;
• Risks involving a high frequency of claims, with fairly predictable costs, where internal alternatives can be used (for example, car insurance, US Workers Compensation).

We are particularly involved in the following industries and risk categories:

• Construction;
• Manufacturer;
• Medical clinics;
• Environment and energy;
• Professional liability;
• Surety Bond.

Our services take place within a pre-established service plan, according to our client’s needs and priorities.

An insurance booklet, containing all of a client’s policies, is produced. If so desired, this information can be accessed securely online. A simple authorization is needed from the insured client.

The daily management of insurance involves the issuance of endorsements, certificates of insurance and endorsements of contractual agreements, which modify in important ways the legal responsibility and the scope of the insurance protection. The Octave team, in keeping with our consultative approach, makes it a duty to understand and to protect your rights and your obligations.

Our many years spent in claims management and in the supervision of the claims process have brought us a broad experience, which sets us apart from traditional brokers. One member of our team has been designated to follow the evolution of regulations, and who is always in touch with a wide network of qualified solicitors, lawyers and claims adjusters..

The quality of our services can be evaluated through a yearly stewardship report, measuring the attainment of our objectives.

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