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Risk Management

Risk Management

"At the turn of the century as we were settling in as a global industrial manufacturer, Martin suggested that our insurance buying strategy needed to be realigned with our rapidly evolving environment. NCA presented us with a revamped risk financing strategy that was perfectly compatible with our strong entrepreneurial culture. The solution has grown successfully and is still in force today."
- Marc Barbeau, CA, M.Fisc, Executive Vice-President and CFO, GLV (top 500)

Our company contributes to the improvement of the risk management and insurance practices of several organizations. Our many clients include the Executive Committee of public corporations, financial investors and businesses that invest in their sound risk management:


The identification and quantitative evaluation of accidental, operational and legal risk, as well as the current control and transfer methods, are part of healthy governing practices for public and private companies. Conclusions are generally presented in the form of a risk matrix.


 The goal of a risk financing strategy is to minimize the cost of risk according to the corporate criteria of tolerance defined by the direction.

The cost of risk includes the sum of i) the cost of claims assumed willingly by a self-insurance, or by deductibles, or involuntarily by exclusion to insurance contracts, ii) the transfer and insurance fees, and iii) the management fees. Our general approach is systematic:

• Impact study of adverse scenarios by risk factors;
• Study of financial capacity to assume risk;
• Prioritization of risks to be transferred, according to cost / benefit principle;
• Review of operational and financial alternatives, including full or partial transfer to an insurer;
• Feasibility study and selection of a financing structure of the risks assumed;
• Structure of a corporate insurance program;
• Fiscal planning of the net cost of risk financing;
• Implementation and timeline;
• Performance evaluation.

Our affiliate, Octave Insurance (Barbados), also offers insurance management solutions, in the form of protected-cell captives.


Growing businesses that take part in daring projects, in business abroad, or in the acquisition of other businesses can quickly become overwhelmed by insurance matters. The inherent functions related to risk management can be entrusted to us in the form of an annual Rent-A-Risk Manager mandate.

Along with our partners, we actively take part in the management of captive solutions, put into place by our corporate clients. Our related services include:
• Fiscal planning and strategy;
• Risk underwriting and pricing;
• Editing and issuing direct insurance policies;
• General management, bookkeeping and billing;
• Claims management;
• Evaluation of reserves;
• License renewals and statutory reports;
• Investment management.

Here are some examples of our recent mandates:
• Evaluation of the future cost of manufacturing guarantees assumed by the purchaser;
• Evaluation of retrospective adjustments to the Workers Compensation;
• Development of an information management and claims system.

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