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Grouping allows the development of tools that generally are not available individually. As such, groupings and associations are privileged partners.

Our roadmap distinguishes itself through its capacity to bring permanent solutions where recurrent problems appear, whether related to availability, variability, or to the rising costs of insurance.

The aggressive solicitation of competing insurance proposals can temporarily stop the hike in insurance rates. In the long run, a solution that creates lasting savings must necessarily go beyond simple measures, aiming to reduce risk and insurance costs.

Here are some examples of applications which illustrate the advantages of groupings in risk management:

• Undeniably, regrouping offers a critical mass that facilitates the availability of insurance and the negotiation of favorable terms with insurers and partners;
• Grouping helps to put the law of large numbers to the benefit of members, and repatriate underwriting profits that otherwise falls to the insurer (via the self-insurance);
• Grouping helps to develop a platform for control and monitoring of risk. Information is compiled, analyzed and communicated;
• Grouping favors the establishment of risk-control measures through the implementation of healthy preventative measures;
• Grouping can be a force thorough which it becomes possible to contractually transfer civil responsibility to a third party, for example, from distributors to manufacturers;
• Grouping can offer a framework and a major counterweight in the settlement of certain claims.

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