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Insurance Management

The implementation and management of group solutions, with or without self-insurance, introduces complicating factors;

During implementation, an experienced manager must choose the administrative frame of the proposed plan. At the same time, the manager must identify the financial vehicle which will allow to efficiently manage the self-insurance, from a vast number of alternatives such as Captives, Reciprocals, Mutuals, Internal funds, among others.

In collaboration with several clients and partners, our business operates a protected-cell insurance subsidiary company, Octave Insurance (Barbados), which allows the operation of self-insurance arrangements at minimal cost.

The rules governing the participation of members, and the program administration, must be embedded within a written agreement, duly signed by each insured party. We have actively participated in the writing of these agreements.

A skilled manager will focus on the notions of equity, integrity and engagement, the cornerstones of a lasting group solution. An equitable pricing structure, supported by sound actuarial principles, is instrumental to this philosophy.

When we receive a management mandate, we commit to:

• Act with transparency and flawless integrity;
• Communicate in an open and efficient manner;
• Promote the constant improvement of the plan;
• Choose according to priorities and manage compromises, while always keeping in mind the long-term objectives.

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