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''For a roofing contractor, the insurance renewal period brings moments of worries and frustration. In the wake of the 2003 insurance crisis, several members of the association have joined forces to create an industry reciprocal under the leadership of NCA. This solution has proven to not only bring reliable and sustainable insurance conditions, but also much appreciated peace of mind.”
– Alan Wood, ARCRIE Attorney-in-fact

At NCA, we determine the economic efficiency of a risk-management and insurance program first-, in relation to the stability of the cost of risk and second, by their permanent reduction.

The cost of risk encompasses the entirety of i) the cost of claims covered voluntarily by self-insurance or deductibles, or involuntarily through exclusion of insurance contracts; ii) the transfer and insurance fees; and iii) the management fees.

Self-insurance offers many advantages, amongst them:

• It can allow the repatriation of a significant portion of the underwriting profit, which would be otherwise abandoned to the benefit of the insurer;
• It facilitates, in certain cases, the obtainment of advantageous insurance conditions, because of  the exclusion of certain types of claims that are undesirable to the insurer;
• It signifies the engagement of the insured party towards risk management, by aligning their interests with those of the insurer, inasmuch as their financial capacity allows it;
• It allows the creation of a stability fund, for future planning and management costs;
• When operated successfully, the accumulation of a surplus brings a certain level of autonomy, guaranteeing a minimum level of insurance in the future (for certain types of risk that are difficult to insure);
• It allows control on the breadth of protections, on the rate base, on claims management, and on the management of cash flows. 

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