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Specialized Solutions

Special Risks

When risk becomes opportunity

Financial risk is defined as the potential difference between the real financial consequences tied to an event, and the expected financial consequences. The wider this difference, the higher the risk.

Risk is more or less tolerable depending on the personal appreciation of the actual chances of occurrence of the event, and of one’s financial capacity to absorb the consequences.

Some risks are perceived as too high, and can be uncomfortable, to the point where one may choose to avoid it entirely. In other cases, the transfer solutions to another insurer are incomplete or unaffordable.

Often, it is consumers who experience discomfort related to risk, and not businesses. Associations are an ideal channel to foster innovative solutions, which can lower discomfort in members or in these members’ clients, in order to mutually benefit all participants.

When an event occurs fortuitously, and when principles of risk distribution and sharing among members are applicable, an insurance, or quasi-insurance, solution contributes to economic development and social well-being.

Here are some examples in which we have collaborated with associations or commercial partners in creating and managing insurance solutions for special risks:

• Resale price guarantee, auto residual value;
• Replacement cost between book value and market value in case of total loss of the automobile;
• New home warranties against major defects and construction flaws;
• Reimbursement of refugee deportment fees to transportation carriers;
• Stability fund to insure against production cost increases due to the weather;
• Various credit card warranties.

Life is full of risk and opportunity. Associations can quickly bring together members who share a common cause or opportunity.


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